About Big Mountain Survival


Welcome to Big Mountain Survival Supplies, your one-stop for all of your emergency  preparedness and survival supplies.

We offer disaster, emergency preparedness, survival gear, and gear for the outdoor enthusiasts. You’ll find everything you need for whatever life throws at you, including emergency long-term foods, water filtration, first aid supplies, tactical gear, and several types of emergency and bug-out kits for your home, office, and car.



Who We Are


We are Mike and Candace, a husband and wife team with decades of experience in the law enforcement and emergency medical fields. We believe in building a stronger community one household at a time.

During her 20 year Law Enforcement career, Candace served as a Firearms Range Instructor and certified Field Training Officer. Mike has more than 17 years of experience in law enforcement and disaster search and rescue, in addition to 11 years in the medical field.

We’ve been protecting families for years, and now, we want to provide you with quality preparedness products that we know work and last in the field. From power outages to natural disasters, prepping is an essential part of remaining self-sufficient in uncertain times. Are you prepared to sustain yourself and your family for extended periods of time? Do you have the supplies you need?  Our products have been selected to meet the highest and most demanding needs for everyday operations.

We’re passionate about providing people with the tools they need to maintain a strong peace of mind. Have questions? Reach out to us at any time.


Meet the Team



Our newest member to Big Mountain Survival Supply. Jason is originally from Minnesota but calls northwest Montana home.

Jason is our outdoor enthusiast and product tester. When he is not working, he can usually be found on a lake or out hiking through the mountains. Besides being an avid outdoors-man and all around great guy, Jason is our favorite son-in-law!



Tyler is our communications guru. He has over 20 years experience in amateur radio and emergency communications.

Tyler is our go-to-guy for everything communication related. He is an all around MacGyver but is our specialist for communications equipment. When Tyler is not working or spending time with the family, he can be found in front of his radios! We are proud and fortunate to call him our son.